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Executive Board


Convocation I
The Rev. Robert Coniglio, 2023
Ms. Sharon Parker, 2022

Convocation II
The Rev. Julia Messer, 2021
Ms. Jeanne Hoerr, 2022

Convocation III
The Rev. Stewart Tabb, 2023
Ms. Michelle McCoy, 2022

Convocation IV
The Rev. Scott Baker, 2023
Mr. Philip Ford, 2021

Convocation V
The Rev. Bruce Cheney, 2021
Dr. Jacqueline Bontemps, 2023

Convocation VI
The Rev. Eve Butler-Gee, 2023
Ms. Robin Magee, 2022

Convocation VII
The Rev. Virginia DiStanislao, 2021
Mr. Roy McLeod, 2022

Convocation VIII
The Rev. John Boucher, 2023
Ms. Lauraetta Yates, 2022

Convocation IX
The Rev. Jon Anderson, 2022
TBD, 2023

The Executive Board oversees the Programs of the Diocese set out in the Canons or approved by Council. It reviews the finances of the Diocese. It reviews policies and procedures relating to the work provided for in the Programs approved by Council, or the Executive Board, the need for which may have arisen after the action of the Council, when in the judgment of the Executive Board the income and the available funds of the Diocese will warrant. The Executive Board acts as the Council when the Council is not in session.

The Executive Board (typically) meets on the first Thursday of every other month and the meetings move around the Diocese. Travel and meeting consume a full day.

The Executive Board determines the Departments of the Diocese and defines the scope of their work. The heads of Departments are nominated (to the extent possible from members of the Executive Board) each year by the Bishop with the advice and consent of the Executive Board. The Bishop is an ex-officio member of each Department. Each Department is to submit a report to the Secretary of the Diocese by December 1st. The report is to include a summary of the work done by the department and a statement of the opportunities for future needs. Each Department submits a request for appropriations for the forthcoming year when requested by the Treasurer. The Executive Board is comprised of one clergy and one lay representative elected from each of nine Convocations for a term of three years. The Bishop may appoint two members. The Chancellor, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Diocese are non-voting members.

The Dean of each Convocation shall be responsible for the appointment of a nominating committee of three persons, one of whom shall be a member of the clergy, which shall nominate at least two persons for each vacancy on the Executive Board whose names shall be made known to that Convocation's Council delegates no less than two weeks before the Pre-Council Convocation meeting at which the election is to take place. Nominations from the floor may be received. All persons so nominated shall, if possible, be present at the meeting and introduced to Council delegates before the voting takes place. -- Canon IX.2.a

Last Published: March 3, 2020 11:36 AM