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Search for the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia

Steps in the Process

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  • Nominating Committee conducts a survey and holds listening sessions in each convocation to hear from the people regarding the qualities needed in the new bishop. [October - November, 2018]
  • Nominating Committee generates a Diocesan Profile for approval by the Standing Committee.  [December 2018 - January 2019]
  • Transition Committee plans the Celebration of the Ministry of Bishop Hollerith. This will take place at Annual Council, February 8 in Williamsburg.
  • Standing Committee posts profile and invites applications. [February 1 – March 15, 2019]
  • Transition Committee plans ‘Walkabouts’ to be held September 4-8, 2019 at diverse locations in the Diocese to provide an opportunity for people to meet, hear and question the candidates.  They also begin planning Election Convention and Consecration. 
  • Nominating Committee screens applicants; completes phone interviews with potential nominees; conducts reference phone interviews; completes background checks; sets up psychiatric evaluations and reviews the reports;  conducts a 2-day retreat with final candidates; and presents the Standing Committee with a slate of no fewer than 3 candidates. [Slate presented June 14, 2019]
  • Standing Committee announces nominees and invites others who wish to be placed on the ballot to complete the petition process.  [June 21, 2019]
  • Standing Committee determines whether any petitioners will be placed on the ballot. [Petition process closed July 5, 2019]
  • Transition Committee oversees ‘walkabouts’, providing support to each of the candidates.  [September 4-8, 2019]
  • Transition Committee oversees the Election Convention at which clergy and lay delegates vote separately.  A majority of votes in each order is necessary for the election of a bishop.  [September 21, 2019]
  • Standing Committee receives consent for the Consecration of the Bishop Elect from a majority of the Bishops and Standing Committees of the Dioceses.
  • Transition Committee provides support for Bishop Elect and his/her family and for those not selected.
  • Transition Committee makes final arrangements for consecration, including gifts for the new Bishop.  [Consecration is scheduled for February 1, 2020]
  • Transition Committee provides the new Bishop any support he/she desires.
Last Published: August 19, 2019 2:35 PM