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Christian Formation


Christian Formation is a lifelong process the purpose of which is to support the people of God as they seek to live out the Baptismal Covenant and to express their unique calling as followers of Jesus Christ. One of the greatest challenges for the leadership of the Church is the empowerment of all Christians through both formal and informal learning opportunities and experiences. It is the responsibility of the leadership in each congregation to establish and to develop an environment which enables people to discover themselves as God’s people and to carry out the ministries to which they are called. It is through this vision and leadership that the whole congregation comes to feel its responsibility for community and total ministry within the life of the Church.

Christian formation and education includes several committees and commissions whose mission is to provide education and services to members of the diocese. Some of these groups include:


We are educators, laity and clergy, volunteer and professional, who work with Christian Formation in parishes around our diocese. CE-Net is committed to life-long, transformational Christian Education through leading, serving, pastoring and developing partnerships in the name of Christ. CE-Net meets from 11:00 am -1:30 (including lunch) five or six times a year for support and sharing. Upcoming gatherings are listed here

For more information on CE-Net contact Lynn Farlin lfarlin@ascension-norfolk.org, Jenny Nauroth jenny.nauroth@cox.net, Co-Chairs, or Caroline Black, cblack@diosova.org.

Christian Education Summit
May 11, 10 a.m.
Diocesan Office, Newport News

If you are tasked with providing faith formation for your parish does it feel like the map you were given suddenly bears no resemblance to the landscape you are trying to navigate? Most of us are finding that proven models that once worked are no longer effective. The scenery has changed given that society is less religiously focused, and individuals/families struggle to fit faith formation into their overscheduled lives. So, what are we to do? Perhaps it's time to look at this new landscape as an opportunity rather than the end of the road. Focusing on the possibilities that lie ahead is certainly more productive than mourning what once was. It's time for a paradigm shift! Several representatives (clergy and lay) from our diocese will be attending the Vibrate Faith Summit in Minnesota to explore how we might rethink our approach to faith formation. The Vibrant Faith Summit materials suggest that we need to re-orient out thinking, and our efforts, in the following four key ways:

  • Shift from event based discipleship to whole life discipleship
  • Shift towards formation as relational attachment
  • Shift from a leadership model that is less about power, and more about humble exploration
  • Shift from the "I teach you the faith" towards having faith formation tools accessible all the time

On Thursday, May, 11, at 10 am, at the Diocesan Center, the Christian Education Network (CE-Net) invites you to join us as we share and explore how these initiatives might help guide faith formation as we go forward. We will share what we learned at the conference and begin to discuss how we might navigate this new landscape together to create faith formation that is active, relational, accessible, and able to sustain us in our relationships with Jesus Christ. Please join us and share your thoughts. We will conclude at noon. Please confirm you attendance by email cblack@diosova.org.


Our Diocese supports children and family formation including Christian eduction. Here are some resources that may help you with Sunday School and other Christian formation activities.
Online resources, as well as books and DVDs available from the Christian Formation office.
Safe Church training is grounded in our call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human being.
Policies, procedures and resources for Witnessing & Blessing a Lifelong Covenant.
A resource for exploring our history with racism in Southern Virginia.
Useful and effective stewardship resources for congregations.
The Diocese of Southern Virginia is a welcoming sanctuary for all people who are struggling and/or healing from the effects of addictions.
Education for Ministry is a course for lay persons - a source of education, theology, and individual development.
Cursillo is a movement within the Episcopal church to help us grow closer to Jesus Christ.
The Ordination Exploration process assists you and the church in providing opportunities for assessment, exploration, and discernment of a call to ordination.
Aging is the only way to live. But what are we doing about it in our Diocese?