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Education for Ministry is a course for lay persons - a source of education, theology, and individual development.



Education for Ministry (EfM) is a college level course for lay persons. There are no tests, but there is reading, homework and once-a-week seminar group participation. Education for Ministry continues to be a source of education, theology, and individual development for numerous persons in the diocese. Some graduates have continued into ordination paths, but many more find their ministry developed for service within their churches and communities.

It has been described by some as ‘just another Bible study,’ but those who take part in the four-year study – one year at a time – know EfM to be much more than that. There is Bible study, indeed. The first two years consist of study of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Then in Years 3 and 4 ‘Church History’ and ‘Theological Choices’ are covered. Along with the reading and discussion, theological reflection takes place, and for most, this becomes the most important part of the session each week.

There are 20 groups meeting in this diocese, with 25 mentors and co-mentors. In addition to the face-to-face groups, we have mentors who lead online groups. Online Education for Ministry was developed and first used by a Wyoming mentor, and that is a growing part of the EfM program. When the church or community is too small to support a group, or when there are persons who must travel during the week but don’t want to miss being a part of their EfM group, the online format works well.

Cindy Jordan
Education for Ministry Diocesan Coordinator

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Last Published: May 4, 2020 3:20 PM