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Stewardship Resources
Useful and effective stewardship resources for congregations.


2021 Stewardship Webinar Series - in collaboration with TENS

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship is proud to collaborate with the Diocese of Southern Virginia to bring a four-webinar series on stewardship topics throughout the year. Meeting  for 90 minutes on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM, this series will bring together church leaders, stewardship volunteers, and fundraising experts to teach and learn classic and innovative approaches to funding ministry in your congregation.

Virtual Stewardship 201
Wednesday, April 7, 6:30PM

We learned so much in 2020 about online fundraising in congregational ministries. Learn from faithful practitioners of stewardship and gratitude about the best fundraising platforms to raise money online in your congregation. We will explore practical tips on formation and education opportunities that cultivate generosity throughout the year. To see the TENS Virtual Stewardship 101 webinar from July 2020, please visit the TENS website, www.tens.org.

For the Virtual Stewardship 201 webinar recording click here.
For the webinar slides click here.
To access the articles mentioned in the webinar click here.
For the onlne giving platforms mentioned in the webinar click here.

Mid-Year Mission Review
Wednesday, May 5, 6:30PM

Half-way through the year is the ideal time to remind your members about the impact of their pledges on mission in the community. Learn some great tips for drawing the line between money and meaning in your outreach, in-reach, and ministry budgets.

For the Mid-Year Mission Review webinar recording click here.
For the webinar slides in English click here.
For the webinar slides in Spanish click here.

Year-Round Stewardship
Wednesday, June 23, 6:30PM

Generosity and Gratitude are year-round disciplines and celebrations, not just reserved for the annual pledge campaign. Learn best practices and tools to incorporate the theology of stewardship into your formation, liturgy, preaching, teaching, and outreach for every month of the year. Cultivate a more generous and grounded church!

For the Year-Round Stewardship webinar recording click here.
For the webinar slides in English click here.
For the webinar slides in Spanish click here.
For the Year-Round Deep Dive tool mentioned in the webinar click here.
For Annual Pledge Campaign resoursces for Every Perfect Gift 2021 click here. (Password protected - contact the diocese to obtain the password.)

Breaking Through the Pledge Plateau
Wednesday, August 18, 6:30PM

Learn from fundraising experts about how to help members dig deeper into their theology and generosity to ensure they’re making their best gifts to the Church. This webinar is a mix between proven tips and tools and formation exercises you can employ in your ministry to prevent donor fatigue.

For the Breaking Through the Pledge Plateau webinar recording click here.
For the webinar slides click here.
For more information about how to create a narrative budget click here.
For information on online donor forms click here.
For a bibliography of stewardship resources click here.

Stewardship Resources

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS)
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) membership benefits are available to all parishes through our diocesan membership. Benefits include formation and training resources, webinars, giving campaign materials and new ideas and insights from contributing bloggers. If you would like to use these materials, please email Lynn Farlin at lfarlin@diosova.org to receive the login information for www.tens.org. We encourage everyone to begin making plans for starting a year round stewardship program. To help you get started, go to www.tens.org/resources/free-resources.

Episcopal Church Foundation free webinars
The Episcopal Church Foundation, in their on-going efforts to assist congregations in developing their leadership and financial resources, offer a wide range of web conferences for clergy and lay parish leaders. There is no cost to participate in most of the web conferences and all lay and clergy leaders are welcome to participate. Topics include vestry leadership (in English and in Spanish), engaging congregations with local communities, capital campaigns, clergy transition, annual giving, endowments, and planned giving. Click here for more.

2017 Council Keynote Speaker - The Rev. Canon Timothy Dombek
We were fortunate to have The Rev. Canon Timothy Dombek as speaker at 2017 Annual Council; Timothy is Canon for Stewardship in Diocese of Arizona and rector of The Church of the Advent, Sun City West, Arizona. Timothy also serves on the board of TENS and is in much demand as a stewardship speaker. Below are his slides and other resources from those presentations:

Click here for recordings of Dombek's presentations.

Year-Round Giving
Year-round Stewardship ideas and Year-round Stewardship You Can do, presented by the Rev. Canon Timothy Dombek at our Stewardship Conference

Stewardship with Young People
Talking Stewardship: A Gift to Young People
Generations and Stewardship
Sharing Stewardship with Children

Planned Giving Resources
The Episcopal Church Foundation provides information, literature and best of all the financial knowledge to get your program off the ground. Go to www.ecfvp.org. The best place to start is “Start Planned Giving from Scratch”. Next, check out this wonderful tool box of information, http://www.ecfvp.org/tools/topics/planned-giving. Here you will learn about the types of ways to make planned gifts as well as a key step, which is to form a Legacy Society. Those people who have already included your parish in their will or other plans

Other Stewardship Resources
Episcopal Church USA Stewardship Resources - www.episcopalchurch.org/page/stewardship
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (see additional resources at link in paragraph above) - www.tens.org
Episcopal Church Foundation - www.episcopalfoundation.org
Generous Giving - www.generousgiving.org
Church Publishing - www.churchpublishing.org/categories?n=190
Transforming Stewardship by C.K. Robertson - a vision of holistic stewardship, including a study guide - www.churchpublishing.org/products/transformingstewardship
Luther Seminary Stewardship Resource Bank - www.luthersem.edu/stewardship/

Essential Reading
Ask, Thank, Tell, Charles R. Lane, Augsburg Fortress
Transforming Stewardship, C.K. Robertson, Church Publishing
Creating Congregations of Generous People, Michael Durall, Alban Institute
One Minute Stewardship: Creative Ways to Talk about Money in Church, Charles Cloughen, Church Publishing

Stewardship in Uncertain Times

Reset your Stewardship Ministry--Crisis Response to COVID-19 by Clayton Smith offers a few helpful tips as we move into a season when many parishes are focused on stewardship. Key among the tips: a focus on pastoral care.

COVID-19 Reminds Us of Crucial Church Finance Safeguards by Lovett Weems gives sound advice on healthy financial practices for parishes.

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership also has many other helpful resources related to stewardship.

Stewardship 2020: Pastoral Approaches and Practical Steps - Stewardship season—just like the school year, the football season, and everything else—will look different this fall, but there are real strengths and blessings to be found for pastors and stewardship leaders.

Stewardship of Creation Resources

How we protect the earth is an expression of our faith. Care and justice for all creation is a core value of The Episcopal Church. Eco-justice ministries seek to heal, defend, and work toward justice for all God's creation and to respect the kinship and connection of all that God created through education, advocacy, and action. Our fifth Mark of Mission is to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth. For more information: diosovagreen@gmail.com

Earth Ministry
A national leader in engaging the faith community in environmental stewardship and advocacy. Their Greening Congregations Program was the first in the country to help houses of worship implement sustainable practices. It offers a partnership with Earth Ministry and a flexible strategy for engaging your faith community in creation-care efforts.  Their advocacy program is on the cutting edge of empowering clergy and lay leaders to speak out on public policy issues. www.earthministry.org

The Episcopal Ecological Network
a nationwide network within the Episcopal Church USA that coordinates with the Peace and Justice Ministries Office of the Episcopal Church USA.  They are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and find their roots in the Celtic Spirituality of this tradition. The EpEN includes all concerned Episcopalians who are helping our Church assume a leadership role in the worldwide environmental movement, just as our Church leads in other peace and justice issues. www.eenonline.org

Season of Creation
Offers worshippers an opportunity to turn their full attention toward God the creator and toward their relationship with the whole creation. As an optional season, it is most commonly celebrated between Creation Day on September 1 and St Francis of Assisi Day on October 4. www.seaasonofcreation.com and www.letallcreationpraise.org

Interfaith Power & Light
mobilizing a religious response to global warming. It's mission is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. www.interfaithpowerandlight.org and www.coolcongregations.org

Spiritual Ecology
an exploration of the spiritual dimension of our present ecological crisis. In particular these resources explore the interrelationship between our outer, physical ecological situation, our awareness of the sacred in creation, and our inner relationship to the symbolic world of the soul—and how this effects our own soul and the soul of the world, the anima mundi. www.spiritualecology.org

Printed Resources
The Green Bible. Published by HarperCollins, available here
Greening Congregations Handbook: Stories, Ideas, and Resources for Cultivating Creation Awareness and Care in Your Congregation. Published by Earth Ministry, available here




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