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Ordination Exploration Process for the Diaconate


The Diaconal Ordination Exploration Process in the Diocese of Southern Virginia accepts applications annually September 1 through December 31.  Applicants will interview with the Commission on Ministry for postulancy. Those granted postulancy will receive formation and training in The Cross Diocesan Deacons' School. The school is a joint effort of the Episcopal Dioceses of Southern Virginia, Virginia, and Southwestern Virginia. The expectation of the Bishop is that anyone entering the process for the Diaconate will attend The Deacons' School

For more detailed information regarding the The Deacons' School and curriculum visit the website, www.thedeaconsschool.org.

Also speak to your rector. If you are a member of a congregation engaged in a search process for a rector, you will have to wait to apply until after the new rector has arrived. If you are ordained in another Christian body, please contact our Vocations Director for the Diocese, the Rev. Ross Wright, rwright@diosova.org, who will be glad to discuss the process with you.

The current cost to applicants for the Ordination Exploration Process is $1,000, which includes $100 due at the time of application.  The entire fee is  non-refundable.  The fee is used to offset costs of the background check, psychological evaluation, and other expenses associated with the process.


Ordination Exploration Process Forms:

Diaconate OEP Flowchart

OEP Applicant Checklist

Diaconate OEP Application Form

Behavioral Screening Questionnaire

Life History Questionnaire

Required Medical Exam

Authorization & Release Form

Application for Postulancy

Nomination for Postulancy from Sponsoring Vestry

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