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Clergy Continuing Education Grants
Funds to support continuing education for clergy.

It is desirable that each member of the clergy take a study leave, at time intervals consistent with the policy of the Diocese, for the purpose of his/her continuing education. Clergy are also encouraged to pursue other educational opportunities which do not necessarily require study leave.

The primary purpose of the grants are to support programs that are essentially theological in emphasis. This does not, however, rule out programs designed for training in special ministries, or those which would in other ways enhance the effectiveness of an individual in his or her ministry. Though the committee favors structured, disciplined programs, unstructured, imaginative or unconventional programs will be given due consideration. In short, the committee attempts to be as flexible as possible to best serve the various needs of the clergy in their efforts to continue their education.

All applications must be submitted to the Diocesan Office by APRIL 1 OR OCTOBER 1 to be considered at the April or October meetings respectively. If the continuing education experience is to occur between November and April, the application will be considered in October. If the continuing education experience is to occur between May and October, the application will be considered in April.

Grant information and application form

Grant evaluation form


Last Published: February 8, 2022 3:37 PM