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Vestry Training Days
A vital learning opportunity for all vestry members.


Healthy, skilled vestries who understand their role in the life of the church and their relationship to the clergy and congregation are essential in creating and maintaining vital congregations.  

These workshops are designed for all vestry members, and include:

  • Presentations on the role and duties of the vestry
  • Best practices
  • Opportunities to interact with members of other vestries
  • Discussion of common challenges that vestries face and the impact of contextual change on congregational life

Workshops are offered annually in late February and early March. Information and online registration is posted here as soon as it is available.

2017 Vestry Training Days:  Communication + Collaboration ≠ Fear

February 18 at St. Timothy's, Clarksville – Cancelled due to lack of registration.

February 25 at St. David's, North Chesterfield. Click here to register.

March 4 at Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach. Click here to register. (includes concurrent Bishop's Day with Senior Wardens)

Caroline Black, Canon for Formation
The Rev. Canon Charles Robinson, Canon for Transition and Clergy Development



Last Published: February 11, 2017 8:24 AM