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Listing, FAQs and Resources

Learn more about spiritual direction and find spiritual directors serving clients in Southern Virginia.

Spiritual Directors who would like to be included in this directory should contact Canon for Formation Lynn Farlin, lfarlin@diosova.org.

Elsa S. Bakkum - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director:  20+ years
Availability:  Hours are flexible, mostly afternoons.

The Rev. Anne Dale - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director: completed certification in Spiritual Direction in 2020
Availability: Southeastern VA and Northeastern NC in addition to phone or virtual. Preferred, but not limited to, daytime hours Wednesday through Friday.

The Rev. Warren Hicks - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director:  5 years
Availability:  Please contact me to explore available times for spiritual direction.

Linda Minner - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director: 8 years
Availability:  Virtual appointments - days, nights and weekends; in person also available.

The Rev. Linda Rogers - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director:  30 years
Availability:  During the COVID epidemic, currently visiting with directees virtually through Zoom. Please email or telephone to arrange.

Linda Serepca - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director: 17 years
Availability:  Available Mon-Fri between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and Sundays 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Kim Vann - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director:  3 years
Availability:  Available weekdays in person, over the phone, or through Zoom Video conference calling. Some evening and weekend times may be arranged.

The Rev. John D. Willard V - Click here for profile
Number of years as a Spiritual Director: 16 years
Availability: By appointment. Based in Charles Town, WV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Direction is a practice of spiritual conversation with a trained guide to aid a person on their faith journey.  It is actually an ancient practice found in many faith traditions, of conversation about life through the lens of spirituality.  At its core, spiritual direction helps individuals discern God’s presence in their lives.

What is a Spiritual Director?
A Spiritual director is a trained guide, either lay or ordained, who serves as a spiritual companion.  Spiritual directors are trained in the art of active holy listening and sacred conversation and may offer guidance/direction in various forms – questions to explore, advice, discernment guidance, or suggested reading. 

How are Spiritual Directors Trained?
As you explore the list of available spiritual directors you will find that they completed their training via various programs.  While the training programs may differ, they consistently share a focus on standards of professional boundaries, ethical conduct, confidentiality, and certification supervision.

What Happens in Spiritual Direction?
It all depends on the directee, the director and the Holy Spirit. The content of the conversation is dependent on your individual spiritual journey.  Spiritual direction is not a therapy or counseling interaction, but rather the spiritual director’s role is to listen and help the directee discern where God might be nudging the directee to explore deeper understanding of their spirituality. 

How do I select a Spiritual Director?
Before you contact prospective spiritual directors take some time to ask yourself a key question:  What are you looking for in a spiritual director?  The answer to that question will likely help you generate some initial areas to explore with potential spiritual directors. It is important that you feel comfortable with the spiritual director you select.  It may take some exploration to find the right “fit” for your needs.  You will be sharing your personal story with this person - so feeling comfortable and safe are key ingredients for success. What are some things you need to know about a potential spiritual director to be at ease? The easiest way to begin is to review the list of bios.  What jumps out at you as you read each bio?  Is there something in a bio that you connect with or want to learn more about? Additionally, you will find that the spiritual directors mention different styles, and focus areas. Don’t be afraid to ask the spiritual director to explain what those styles or focus areas encompass or mean.  If there is something in the bio that is not clear make sure to ask clarifying questions to help you better understand. Once you have narrowed the list down to one or two individuals contact them and explore further if you feel you would feel comfortable having one of them as your spiritual director. 

The list of spiritual directors above is comprised of individuals who self-identify as having earned credentials/certifications in spiritual direction. The individual spiritual director bios are self-reported by each spiritual director.  The Diocese of Southern Virginia shares the listing but does not endorse, evaluate, or recommend individual spiritual directors. If you are seeking a spiritual director it is important for you to evaluate each individual and their credentials to your individual satisfaction. 

Resources to Explore

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