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The Tamar Project
Women to Women's Tamar Project is the focus of our diocesan ECW Outreach. Learn more about this important ministry.


Tamar projectWhere in the Anglican Communion is the greatest need?” Buck Blanchard, Director of Mission and Outreach asked this at the London office of the Anglican Consultative Council. The answer was “the Anglican Church in the D. R. Congo.”  Known as the ‘rape capital of the world’ or the ‘worst place on earth to be a woman,’ D. R. Congo has known war brought on by 20-30 militias, especially in the east where the Province has 5 of its 9 dioceses. The decimation of families and villages has been a weapon of war for close to 20 years. Violated women are often kicked out of their homes, especially if pregnancy ensues, or in some cases they have no homes because everyone else has been killed or kidnapped to work in the mines or serve as child soldiers.

Women-to-Women, started in the Diocese of Virginia in 2012, now has a sister group in Norfolk where at least seven parishes are represented. The ECW of Southern Virginia has taken it on as the Outreach Project of 2013-14 with a goal of raising $10,000. 

Started by the wife of Bukavu Bishop Bahati, Mme Nyota Bahati founded the Tamar Project. (See 2 Samuel 13.1 ff.)  Her Anglican Mothers’ Union knows what is needed for their suffering sisters and how to proceed, but they need financial help to buy more Bibles, sewing machines for the tailoring and cooking pots for the catering courses. They need funds to help with medical attention and lodging where possible, and to increase their micro-credit system to provide a new start to a life seemingly over.  When possible, they help the children of these abused women with school fees, supplies, and uniforms. Their work is amazing, moving, dynamic!

The ECW and W2W have a speakers’ bureau ready to talk with your parish or convocation. There are power points and a movie. Call Susan Broaddus 757-623-0205, for more information.

Click here for a presentation on The Tamar Project (PDF file)

Click here for a video about The Tamar Project


Last Published: October 22, 2014 2:38 PM