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Church Indebtedness & Architecture Commission
Information for congregations that are building a facility, renovating or adding on to their existing properties, or acquiring major equipment.


Congregations that are building a facility, renovating or adding on to their existing properties, or acquiring major equipment, must consider whether they will be financing the construction (incurring debt) and whether they will be employing an architect or an engineer to do the work.

Congregations that intend to finance, either by requesting grants from the Diocese or alienating church property, the construction or renovations of their facilities or acquire major equipment may be required to submit to the Church Indebtedness Commission certain documents for approval before incurring debt or alienating their property.

Our Canons set out the requirements and the exceptions. To learn more about the church indebtedness commission and the requirements relating to incurring debt, see the diocesan Canons related to the Church Indebtedness Commission.

Congregations are required to submit their plans to the Architecture Commission prior to beginning their work if they anticipate receiving diocesan financial assistance. The architecture review committee meets whenever there is a need for their review and will review your request and respond within 30 days. The goal of this committee is to assist the congregations by providing advice on site work, proposed structure, etc., as well as to protect the integrity of historic buildings.

Our Canons provide that any parish may request (but is not obligated to do so) the Architecture Commission to review their proposed plans, with a request for comments and suggestions, but if the parish or mission is receiving or anticipates receiving any construction funds from the Diocese or a diocesan organization, the parish or mission must (i) submit to the Architect Commission its proposed plans, (ii) the construction must be supervised by an architect or licensed engineer and (iii) the construction contract must be approved by the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor.

Click here to learn more about the architecture committee and the requirements relating to building.

Last Published: June 22, 2017 9:36 AM