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Scholarships & Grants
Educational scholarships available to students and grant funding available to congregations.


Ridley Foundation Scholarships

The Ridley Foundation Board of Trustees of the Diocese of Southern Virginia encourages the youth, their sponsors, and priests to request or download applications so that the Diocese might assist deserving young people in earning their undergraduate degrees. Click here for more information and application forms

The C. Charles Vaché Scholarship Fund

The Bishop Vaché Scholarships provide funds to assist both low-income and minority undergraduate college students in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia. First-year students as well as returning college students are welcome to apply. Scholarship awards range from $500-$2500 per academic year. Click here for more information and application form.

Episcopal Church Women Scholarships

The Episcopal Church Women's Elise Holladay & Beverley D. Tucker Scholarships are available for college students. Click here for information and application form.

Seeds of Hope Grants

Seeds of Hope Grants are available to congregations and diocesan groups (e.g., affiliated institutions, commissions and task forces) within the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia to begin or expand ministries for social and economic justice causes as they relate to the Five Marks of Mission. Click here for more information.

Lay Continuing Education Grants

Continuing education grants from the Diocese of Southern Virginia are available to assist lay people with funding for a broad range of continuing education opportunities. Click here for more information.

Clergy Continuing Education Grants

It is desirable that each member of the clergy take a study leave, at time intervals consistent with the policy of the Diocese, for the purpose of his/her continuing education. Clergy are also encouraged to pursue other educational opportunities which do not necessarily require study leave. The primary purpose of the grants are to support programs that are essentially theological in emphasis. This does not, however, rule out programs designed for training in special ministries, or those which would in other ways enhance the effectiveness of an individual in his or her ministry. Applications are due by April 1 or October 1 each year. Click here for more information and application.

Communications Grants

Communications Grants from the Diocese of Southern Virginia provide congregations within the diocese with funding for development of digital communications. Grant funds are intended to assist churches that do not currently make use of digital communications methods to create and implement a new digital communication program. Funds may also be used to assist churches with an existing digital communication program that have discovered needs within their congregation or community that can be addressed with a new digital communication initiative. Click here for more information and application.

Small Church Emergency Maintenance Fund

A limited fund is available each year out of which grants and loans are available to small congregations to help cover the cost for emergency maintenance or repair. Grants up to $2500. Click here for more information and application.

Safeguarding Grants

Grants are available for small churches to assist in meeting compliance standards (i.e. background checks, credit checks, etc.) for the Policy for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults. Small churches who have submitted their Congregational/Organizational Safe Church Annual Audit and have provided the Diocese with the preceding two calendar years’ financial audit reports are eligible to apply to apply for a Safeguarding Grant. Click here for application.

Patterson Grants (for churches over 100 years old)

The Helen S. and Charles G Patterson, Jr. Charitable Trust Foundation was established to, among other things, to "Provide financial support for the restoration, preservation, conservation and renovations of one or more Episcopal Churches in Virginia that are more than one-hundred years old." Grant applications are received between Jan. 1 and June 30 each year. Click here for more information and application.

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