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Union of Black Episcopalians - James Solomon Russell Chapter
The UBE works to further the presence and work of people of color in the total life of the Episcopal Church.


UBE logoThe mission of the James Solomon Russell – Diocese of Southern Virginia Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE), is to further the presence and work of people of color in the total life of the Episcopal Church.


  • To encourage strong clergy and laity leadership in all parishes and in our diocese.
  • To expand parish and diocesan support and participation in UBE programs and projects.
  • To increase the knowledge of the history of people of color and their leadership in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
  • To continue fully participating in the mission and governance of the diocese and the Episcopal Church.
  • To advocate for social and economic justice in our communities, the Church and the world.


Organized in 1968 as the Union of Black Clergy and Laity, the Union is the proud inheritor of the work of their predecessors and earlier organization, the Convocation of Colored Clergy, the Conference of Church Workers among Colored People, all dedicated to the ministry of Blacks in the Episcopal Church. The name was changed to the Union of Black Episcopalians in 1971.

The Union of Black Episcopalians is a confederation of more than 55 chapters and interest groups throughout the continental United States and the Caribbean. The Union also has members in Canada, Africa and Latin America.


President:  Helen Sharpe-Williams, helen.sharpe-williams@earthlink.net

Vice President:  Rev. Dr. Joseph N. Green, revjngreen@cox.net

Secretary:  Deborah Austin, complianceretired@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Beverly Davis, bdavis165@cox.net

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the second (2nd) Thursday of the months of September – June at Grace Episcopal Church at 10:30 a.m.  Membership is open to everyone.

Leadership within the Diocesan Structure

  • Deputies to General Convention, Executive Board, Provincial Synod, Standing Committee, Deans
  • Absalom Jones Commemoration
  • James Solomon Russell Commemoration
  • Alexander Crummell Commemoration
  • UBE Regional & National Conferences
  • Leadership on Diocesan Commissions & Committees


Please join us, share your gifts, and help us create the beloved community. Click here for a membership application.

Member Clergy:

The Rev. Dr. Harold Cobb, Jr.

The Rev. Terry Edwards

The Rev. Dr. Joseph N. Green, Jr.

The Very Rev. Dr. Ronald Ramsey

The Rev. John Rohrs

The Rev. Andie Rohrs

The Very Rev. Dr. Stanley Sawyer

The Rev. Canon Frederick Walker





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