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Fresh Start
Fresh Start is a two-year program designed for clergy who are new to the diocese, a parish or a position to help them make this transition.

Welcome to Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a two-year program designed for clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia. Whether you are new to the diocese, a parish, or a position, you are about to embark on a new phase of your spiritual and professional journey. To help you make this transition, the diocese has committed time, talent, and resources to bring you the Fresh Start program. We look forward to your participation.

Our hope is that through your participation in Fresh Start you will build collegial relationships in the diocese, develop skills that will aid your transition into your ministry, and find a community in which you can find refreshment and renewal.

Research has shown that clergy who make the transition from one place or position to another tend to do so in a healthier manner when they have an opportunity to:

  • be away from their parishes for relaxation;
  • dialogue with clergy colleagues;
  • reflect on the process of transition; and
  • gain new skills that are time-sensitive to their situation

In the event that you have attended Fresh Start in another diocese and are wondering if you need to repeat that process, let us assure you that you will find the time valuable. Not only has the Fresh Start curriculum been revised substantially, but it has been adapted to be relevant to our diocese. In addition, attendance ensures that you will form relationships with other diocesan clergy.

For more information contact the The Rev. Canon Roy Hoffman
(757) 213-3390, rhoffman@diosova.org

Last Published: July 23, 2019 11:24 AM